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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why couldn't there be an easier way to order an appraisal?”  Well there is and I’ve detailed each of them in this message.  Plus each method allows you to check the status of your appraisal, and even retrieve the completed report at any time.

Check out my  three easy appraisal ordering solutions. You’ll wonder why you haven’t used one or two of them since the beginning!

    My Website

    Filling out appraisal requests, faxing them, and waiting for a response can be time consuming , and in the Real Estate industry, time is money. Through my website www.4reas.biz  you can submit all of your appraisal orders in a few clicks by simply clicking the Order An Appraisal button.

    • Once your order is submitted, I am immediately notified of your request, so that I can begin working on your appraisal.
    • Paperless - there’s no need to lay even one finger on a single piece of paper!  The appraisal process, from ordering to retrieval, is all done online from my website.
    • My website also ensures that your orders are sent safely and securely, protecting you and your clients.
    • You can check the status of your orders, and even retrieve completed reports 24-hours a day by logging back into my website through the Client Login button. You'll use the same username and password you created to place the order. How easy is that?

    Direct Fax

    If you prefer placing your appraisal orders via fax, that's no problem.  I have a solution just for you!  Using a special 1-800 number and cover sheet, you can fax all appraisal requests to me in the same secure manner just as if you placed it on my website yourself.

    • Once your order is faxed to me, you'll be able to log in and view the status of the appraisal, and download the completed report 24-hours day by using a  username and password that I will provide to you.
    • You can also receive status update notifications via e-mail or fax, so you never have to wonder about the status of your appraisal.

    By Phone or E-mail

    By contacting me by phone (803) 746 7939 or e-mail (appraiseramato@4reas.biz), I can enter the appraisal order for you.

    • Even though you aren't entering the order through my website yourself, you can still check the status of the appraisal order and retrieve the completed appraisal 24-hours a day by using a  username and password that I will provide to you.
    • You'll also receive electronic status notifications of all order status changes.

So, why wait around watching the clock spin your money away? Using any of the above options, you can breathe easy knowing that your appraisal orders will be handled quickly and securely, guaranteeing your happiness and the happiness of your clients. Could it be any easier?


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